Industry Average = 30 Days to Pay

BulkLoads Factoring = 24-Hour Pay

We Hate Factoring Companies.

That's Why We Became One.

No Contracts

We Won't make you sign a contract because we HATE contracts. We're old school and believe you should be in control of your money, if you want to stop using us at anytime, you're free to.

Paid in 24-Hours

Cashflow is huge in not only trucking but the bulk industry. Most Companies pay within 20-30 days, Smart Freight users get paid within 24-hours upon submitting their documents

Free Invoicing

We invoice the shipper/broker so you don't have to. You get paid for hauling the load, not for filling out paperwork. Let us handle that so you can get paid for your time

Personal Accountant

Imagine actually resting when you aren't actually driving, instead of doing paperwork. When you sign up with Smart Freight, you get a personal accountant assigned to you to handle all of your account receivables.

Fuel Cards

Fuel is a big expense, especially in these current times. We offer optional fuel card programs that get you discounts.

Full Transparency

No ACH fees, no hidden charges, no BS. You'll get a real person on the phone every single time. No robots, automated messages, or someone that is hard to understand.

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